CSCCR Chamber Voices Welcome


I hope you enjoyed our first meeting. If you were unable to attend, please feel free to reach out to Irma Parone or myself and we can walk you through any questions you might have. If you are receiving this email then you have been properly entered into our local website.

In addition, you should have received an invite for access to our local website . Once you have successfully logged into the website, please go to the top right corner (where it says “Howdy”).

Then click “Edit Profile” and scroll to the bottom to edit your membership information and your Biographical Info.

You can also register for various roles in our meetings. Click Calendar and scroll down until you see the date you are looking for or click on the calendar. Then scroll down to the role that interests you. Simply click on “Take Role”

Lastly, we have created our What’s App group. Please click here to become a member of the group. This group is not meant for promoting your business, it is for asking questions (because if you have a question, the odds are someone else is thinking the same thing), and post notices if you cannot attend a meeting and you have a role.

If you were kind enough to take a role on March 5th, Irma or I will reach out to you with information regarding your role.

That’s all for now. Have a magical weekend.

CSCCCR Chamber Voices President,

Lois Margolin